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United Postmasters and Managers of America - TEXAS CHAPTER

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Marsha Griffis

Vice President - PAC Chair

PM Normangee, TX  77871

PO Box 1105

Hilltop Lakes TX 77871-1105

Office: 936-394-5201

Cell: 979-218-7765 


                                  KEEP TEXAS #1!


UPMA PAC for Postmasters

UPMA PAC for Postmasters, a multi-candidate political action committee (PAC) fund, was established in 1978. The fund is made up of voluntary contributions solicited from the members and their families of the United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA). The sole purpose of UPMA PAC is to provide bipartisan political financial support to members of Congress and congressional candidates who are supportive of the UPMA legislative agenda. Contributions made to UPMA PAC are legally separate from the UPMA operating budget and are strictly regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).


UPMA PAC is usually a congressional candidate’s first exposure to UPMA. A strong PAC enables UPMA to let legislators know that Postmasters appreciate the opportunity to be heard on issues of concern. It also allows Postmasters and Managers to financially support those legislators who have been responsive to the needs of UPMA members.




UPMA PAC for Postmasters helps elect members of Congress who will support legislation that will benefit active and retired Postmasters and Managers. UPMA is legally permitted to communicate with members of Congress and employees of the Executive Branch and to provide political education to UPMA members.


However, federal law prohibits UPMA from making campaign contributions to candidates for federal offices. Membership dues are not permitted for such use. Consequently, UPMA offers its members and employees a means by which they may provide financial support to candidates for federal office. This is achieved through a “separate, segregated fund” known as a political action committee (PAC). A solicitation from PAC discloses to its contributors a clear explanation that the funds will be used for political campaign contributions.


UPMA PAC is recognized within the political community as a stable performer with an outstanding success record. Our PAC is far more effective than Postmasters making individual contributions to particular candidates. Postmasters, retirees and their families are encouraged to participate in the political process through the strength of their pooled contributions. The results have a greater impact than small, scattered efforts.


UPMA PAC allows Postmasters to make one coordinated effort to support their allies in Congress and to candidates we believe will be agreeable to legislative issues. The fact that the contributions are made to candidates in the name of UPMA PAC nurtures positive identification between the candidates and UPMA.


Also, UPMA PAC complements our lobbying efforts, providing an additional avenue of access to members of Congress. UPMA officers, UPMA members or staff may attend fund-raising events where our PAC has made contributions on behalf of the incumbent or candidate.


Annual PAC Chapter Competition

For several years, UPMA PAC has run a competition among the chapters that is subject to change each year. Each chapter competes within four categories. The winning chapters receive a coveted eagle figurine mounted on a cherry wood base. A gold plate is mounted and engraved with the award category information.



ePAC is easy.  You may get the ePAC forms upon your request, by clicking on the link below, or you may simply go into LiteBlue and sign up for payroll deduction.  ePAC can be via payroll deduction, a regular charge to your credit card, or a draft from your NAPUS Federal Credit Union account.  ePAC IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT BRINGS IN DONATIONS ON A REGULAR BASIS. Your contributions are tax deductible.  Please join us today!
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