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United Postmasters and Managers of America - TEXAS CHAPTER

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Defending UPMA Members

UPMA is committed to representing its membership in all areas, including discipline cases and adverse actions (removals, long suspensions and demotions).


While UPMA wishes that no member would ever get into trouble, the organization supports and finances the finest representation system for Postal Managers. UPMA also works diligently to prevent problems before they occur.


To that end, UPMA consistently has maintained a motivated and highly skilled team of Adverse Action Counselors.

The Texas UPMA Adverse Action Counselors consists of the following:

George Finley                512-365-0066
Sherry Bridges              832-212-2170
Howard Joseph             281-780-1740
Stephanie Anderson     825-984-3806
Kim Charles-Salinas     713-822-3217
Sharon Janicek             979-877-5001
Greg Nors                      254-744-2241
Landa Harris                  713-569-3580
Cynthia Jameson          214-208-4336
Steve Kelley                  325-660-6068
Ben Walker                    832-660-2184
Leandra Beckemeyer   972-897-5577
National Rep
George Finley                512-365-0066


Members of the National Adverse Action Committee assist members facing discipline or other adverse actions. For serious cases coming under the jurisdiction of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), committee members work with the UPMA Legal Defense Plan attorney in providing representation.


In addition to these national reps, most UPMA state chapters also have Adverse Action Counselors. Many of these chapter reps work in conjunction with their national counterparts in coordinating assistance to members who find themselves in trouble in their offices. 

UPMA funds a highly qualified Legal Defense Plan to assist members with particularly challenging legal cases. UPMA encourages any member who is experiencing problems to contact UPMA officers or Adverse Action Counselors for assistance. Help, advice or assistance early on can help prevent more serious problems later.


The finest protection a member can provide is self-protection. Members should know the requirements of their positions and strive faithfully and accurately to fulfill these responsibilities.


Seek help when needed by downloading the The Inspector General – OIG form or ask another member or officer for help. Do not do anything that could even possibly be considered illegal or unethical. A Manager holds a position of trust in that office and the community and will be held to high standards.


Members facing possible disciplinary or adverse actions immediately should contact the UPMA National Office.